If a child reaches the age of seven/eight and is felt by the school that the child is not reaching their full potential then it may be suggested that they have an Educational Assessment.

An individual consultation will provide you with a support plan for your child:-

  • The family history and the background of your child’s dyslexia will be explored, this will include developmental miltestones, what your child’s interests are, education and the reason for referral. Results of the Educational Assessment will be explained in detail  and you will be advised on how to meet the recommendations in the report. 

  • A detailed Personal Education Plan will be provided to suit the specific areas of difficulty that your child is experiencing. This will include all of the recommendations to support your child. It will also give a list of targets to be met within a fixed time frame. 

  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance from a trained professional. 

The consultation with parents normally takes between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Why choose Dyslexia Support Consultancy?


"This lady really is amazing. I've just returned from an assessment with my 11-year-old son who is an anxious boy who gets easily stressed and frustrated at just the mention of the word test. So given this I felt nothing but guilt putting him through an assessment, but in my heart I knew it was the only way to find out what his education requirements were. To my amazement and to this lady’s credit my son was all smiles at the end. Which made me feel so much better and relieved having spent the duration of the assessment worrying how he was getting on. He is my second child to be assessed by Sarah-Louise, my daughter’s results were clear, concise and understandable with in-depth information regarding the results and recommendations to help my daughter both at school and at home. Sarah-Louise Jeffries comes with my children’s seal of approval. I most definitely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that asked."
Sandra (Surrey)
"Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well. Trying to do the best for your child and understand is daunting and Sarah made me feel so much better. Thank you."
Sharon (Hampshire)
"After my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia this year, my world was thrown into a spin. I had been thrown into a world, I know nothing about and felt hopeless to help my daughter. After I had spoken to Sarah, she recommended that we had a meeting. She was extremely informative, giving me an insight into how dyslexic children can think, their emotions and how it can effect confidence. She had many books to recommend, handy hints of how to help my daughter with homework and generally filled me with hope and a new confidence that I can really help my daughter on her journey of dyslexia. Sarah also took time out to go to my daughter's school, to sit in on lessons and then have a chat with the teacher. The teacher spoke to me afterwards and told me how helpful she had found Sarah. Many teachers have limited knowledge of dyslexia so found Sarah’s advice invaluable, from the best place for a dyslexic child to sit in the class, to coloured overlays, to repeating instructions and written handouts from the lessons. Giving them an insight into how dyslexic children learn and how they can bring the best out in them. Sarah has been so supportive in all aspects to my daughters dyslexic learning - from home to school. I would highly recommend her!"
Sharon (Sussex)
"Fully trained expert – highly recommend her."
Sarah (Berkshire)
"After struggling to understand my son’s dyslexia assessment report (I live in the Leeds) and another assessor not explaining it very well, Sarah was more than happy to help. I sent her the report and she kindly offered to phone me and explained it all and gave me ideas what to look into to help him. Sarah was a great help. x"
Mandy (Leeds)
"Had a quick phone conversation with Sarah-Louise yesterday about getting an assessment for my son’s dyslexia and other educational challenges. She was very friendly, helpful and informative. She obviously knows her stuff! Many thanks Sarah-Louise."
Alison (Surrey)
"I had a lovely chat with Sarah-Louise following my son’s diagnosis, she listened carefully to what I asked and said and offered me some great advice – that I'm slowly following through. A lovely lady. "
Sam (Derby)
"Sarah Louise contacted me after I put a post on a facebook page and she rang me at home. I was given some really great advice for my son who has Hypermobility and possible Dyspraxia. I was so taken back that someone that I didn't know took time out of her busy day to talk to me I was so pleased that she did though. Thank you very much x"
Jo (UK)
"Sarah-Louise assessed my daughter for dyscalculia and her very thorough report formed part of the application for her EHCP. It enabled us to give a fuller picture of what our child’s challenges are. Her assessment revealed things that we weren’t aware of. There was no one else we knew of who was able to do this assessment for us so we were very grateful."
Louise (Hampshire)