Questions and Answers

Can dyslexia be ‘cured’?
Dyslexia is not a disease or illness.  It cannot be cured, but being taught strategies to help the dyslexic person will raise self-confidence and self-esteem and allow them to be on a ‘level playing field’ with their peers.


What age does dyslexia become a problem?
This is a hard question to answer, as girls are often better at ‘masking’ it than boys. Girls tend to develop coping strategies and aren’t always identified until the end of primary/middle of secondary school, whereas boys tend to be diagnosed earlier as it can lead to behavioural problems. However, for some children it can be easily identifiable when formal education begins and they learn the letters and words, and it can then become noticeable.


Does dyslexia cause behavioural problems?
Some dyslexic children have behavioural problems which may be the result of, but not caused by, dyslexia. When the self-esteem and self-confidence of dyslexic children are improved by enabling them to access an appropriately structured, cumulative, multi-sensory teaching for reading, spelling and writing then they see themselves as a ‘learner’ and their self-esteem is improved.


Does dyslexia stop you having a successful career?
No, not at all, the dyslexic individual will have a pattern of strengths and weaknesses. They may excel in arts, creativity, computing, engineering and sport. A dyslexic knowing and understanding their strengths can allow them to focus on a career that will suit them and help them to develop the relevant skills. Dyslexia has actually helped many people become successful, for example, Sir Richard Branson, Agatha Christie, Steve Jobs etc.


Can my G.P. assess my child for dyslexia?
Unfortunately not. Dyslexia can only be officially diagnosed by an Educational Psychologist or a Level 7 Specialist Dyslexia Assessor.


What do I do, I keep being told that my child is slow and lazy?
A child with dyslexia can often be labelled as ‘lazy’ – this is far from the truth, as people with dyslexia often work considerably harder than their peers to try and keep up. They often take longer to process information and can sometimes appear to be ‘lazy’. The amount of effort required can have a detrimental effect on the dyslexic child’s confidence and self-esteem. An official diagnosis of dyslexia will highlight specific strengths and weaknesses and then specific strategies can be put into place to support the child.


Can my child have tuition during the day?
Yes, the child can, sometimes it is beneficial, as the dyslexic child has to work harder to keep up with their peers and they tend to be more tired after school. Also, legally, a child can be withdrawn from school for specialist tuition. It can be recorded as ‘Education otherwise than at school’.


What will my child do in a tuition session?
Each tuition session incorporates lots of fun learning games. Your child will have an ‘assessment for teaching’ at the start (which is equal to three sessions). This allows an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your child and then for the steps to be put into place to help them succeed.


My child has had a dyslexia screening test carried out at school. What do I do?
Dyslexia screeners can flag up the probability of a pupil having dyslexic tendencies, but they are not 100% reliable as they do not take your child’s underlying ability into account. They also do not give your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Not all teachers have received sufficient training to fully understand the limitations of these tests. Also many schools do not have the budget for children to have a full diagnostic assessment, hence why many parents choose to go private.

Why choose Dyslexia Support Consultancy?


"Sarah brings an amazing energy to each aspect of her teaching, she managed to captivate the attention of my five year old daughter and I could see real progress with her reading very quickly. I put this down to a combination of the right personality and enthusiasm for the job coupled with an admirable skill set and qualifications. My daughter is now making much better progress at her school and has improved confidence too. Thoroughly impressed!"
"Sarah Louise contacted me after I put a post on a forum she rang me at home. I was given some really great advice for my son who has Hypermobility and possible Dyspraxia. I was so taken back that someone that I didn't know took time out of her busy day to talk to me I was so pleased that she did though. Thank you very much"
"After my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia this year, my world was thrown into a spin. I had been thrown into a world, I know nothing about and felt hopeless to help my daughter. After I had spoken to Sarah, she recommended that we had a meeting. She was extremely informative, giving me an insight into how dyslexic children can think, their emotions and how it can effect confidence. She had many books to recommend, handy hints of how to help my daughter with homework and generally filled me with hope and a new confidence that I can really help my daughter on her journey of dyslexia. Sarah also took time out to go to my daughter's school, to sit in on lessons and then have a chat with the teacher. The teacher spoke to me afterwards and told me how helpful she had found Sarah. Many teachers have limited knowledge of dyslexia so found Sarah's advice invaluable, from the best place for a dyslexic child to sit in the class, to coloured overlays, to repeating instructions and written handouts from the lessons. Giving them an insight into how dyslexic children learn and how they can bring the best out in them. Sarah has been so supportive in all aspects to my daughters dyslexic learning - from home to school. I would highly recommend her!"
"Fully trained expert - highly recommend her."
"After struggling to understand my son's dyslexia assessment report that another assessor did (I live in Leeds), I commented on a forum and Sarah was more than happy to help. I sent her report and she kindly offered to phone me and explained it all and gave me ideas what to look into to help him. Sarah was a great help."
"Had a quick phone conversation with Sarah-Louise yesterday about getting an assessment for my son's dyslexia and other educational challenges. She was very friendly, helpful and informative. She obviously knows her stuff! Many thanks Sarah-Louise."
"I had a lovely chat with Sarah-Louise following my son's diagnosis, she listened carefully to what I asked and said and offered me some great advice - that I'm slowly following through. A lovely lady."
"I took my son to see Sarah-Louise in early March. He was a little bit nervous about doing the assessment, but she made him feel relaxed straight away. The report she provided was very in-depth & was received approximately 3 weeks after the assessment. It can be hard to take in all of the information provided, but Sarah-Louise was happy to go through the report over the phone & clarify any queries I had. I would recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone looking to get their child assessed."
"Having contacted Sarah-Louise to enquire about screening my daughter for dyslexia I found her to be very approachable, knowledgeable and extremely informative and thorough prior to even meeting my daughter. On the day of my daughter's assessment both myself and my daughter were naturally nervous and apprehensive, she put us both at ease and made the screening a stressless experience for my daughter. Which was by far the most important thing for me. I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone who needs a screening for their child."
"Just wanted to give a shout out to Sarah-Louise Jeffries. I'm starting on the EHCP journey with Harry and she called me yesterday. We had a lovely long chat and she was full of inspirational advice and I can see that she will be an amazing support through this process. Got Harry's assessment booked with her early June and can't wait to see the outcome. She also gave me some really good advice with regard to my daughter and so now I'm thinking about the next steps for her. Thank you Sarah-Louise ?"
"Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well. Trying to do the best for your child and understand is daunting and Sarah made me feel so much better. Thank you."
"Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well. Trying to do the best for your child and understand is daunting and Sarah made me feel so much better. Thank you."
"I had my two kids assessed for their dyslexia and all the process was smooth, I had people saying it would be stressful for my dyslexic kids to do it but it was very positive and helped them to learn more about themselves. I am very pleased with the results, the reports were long but very easy to understand, and the way all was done was excellent. I would recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone."
"Sarah-Louise produced a very complete assessment report. The assessment covered his reading, spelling and writing levels as well as his underlying ability. Sarah-Louise also assessed his phonological processing and his short-term and working memory. All the information included in the report and Sarah-Louise's detailed recommendations were extremely valuable when it was time to sit down with his teachers to re-evaluate where Charlie struggled and his provision map. With the report, we were able to make sure that he got extra help at school as well as at home."
"My daughter, 9, was struggling at school and her confidence was rock bottom. Having been assessed she was diagnosed with dyslexia in February. Her grades at school were average so the school had not suspected anything, but my daughter's confidence was suffering as she struggled silently in lessons. By some chance I spoke to a friend about it and she forwarded me Sarah-Louise's number. We met her and my daughter started having tuition from her a couple of months ago. The difference in her was pretty immediate - her confidence in herself is slowly improving as she finally starts to believe in herself. Sarah has started to show her that she is clever and will be able to do things and succeed at school. Her friendly and open personality immediately put my daughter at ease and my daughter looks forward to her tutoring and even asks if she can go more! She feels she can be open with Sarah as she knows she is not being judged and can relax and be herself. For my daughter and, subsequently, the family, Sarah has thrown us a life line to learning and an inside into the world of a dyslexic child and we look forward to the educational journey ahead."
"Sarah responded to enquiry very quickly and was able to support us with our son, providing the tuition that he needed and advising on specific personal details relevant to his particular need. This exceeded our expectations, we had initially been looking for tutoring but she was able to elaborate on why our son was having difficulty with his subjects thus allowing us to access additional resources that we hadn’t considered. We are very grateful for the support and care that enabled us to access better resources and therefore provide better for our son, thank you Sarah, we are very grateful."
"We had employed a private speech and language therapist for our daughter who is autistic as well as coping with oral dyspraxia. On her retirement, we faced a dilemma. We knew the additional support was helping but struggled to find a suitable replacement. Whilst "surfing" the we saw Sarah's advertisement. Whilst highly qualified, the rapport between my daughter and prospective specialist teacher was highly important to me. After agreeing a home visit and seeing the special bond created by Sarah with my daughter I didn't hesitate in employing her. My daughter's confidence has grown from strength to strength. The communication with all parties including the school is second to none. After each session my daughter relishes in showing and telling me the topic covered and her achievements. To hear her say the words and sign the lesson back has made me so proud. Something I was told I may not ever see. As a parent you want nothing more than to set your children up for life and Sarah is helping our daughter to achieve the best independence we could ever hope for."
"Sarah helps my 14 year old son with English and she has really 'filled the gaps' in his knowledge. His recent school report was testament to the real progress he has made. I was impressed by the thorough way in which Sarah initially identified the areas in which he needed more help. After his first session my son comments that he 'couldn't believe' that a whole hour had passed! I thoroughly recommend Sarah, her enthusiasm definitely rubs off on her pupils."
"Sarah-Louise is very friendly, reliable and approachable. She has been tutoring my children since May, She is making learning fun and interesting for them and is committed to helping them to improve their literacy and their understanding of maths."
"After looking for some time for a suitable tutor for my rugby and football mad 9 year old, we eventually found Sarah, also rugby mad! We have gone from having a son who screamed and shouted 2 days before seeing his previous tutor to 'I can't wait to see Sarah'. I can hear them giggling in the kitchen and have often wondered if he is actually learning anything. However, the teachers at school are really impressed with his progression, so what ever she is doing is working. Being dyslexic, he was really struggling in the classroom with his reading and especially his writing. He needed the help desperately and I feel privileged that Sarah is able to work with him. She is fun, inventive and if something doesn't work, she works with Josh to find a solution."
"When we met Sarah-Louise Jeffries our now 14yr old son had just been diagnosed with dyslexia and a number of other conditions that impacted on his ability to read, write, spell and understand. Since moving up to senior school he had gone from a happy confident, verbally, articulate child with a 100% attendance at junior school to a quiet, withdrawn child with anxiety who hated school and was fatigued all the time continually feeling sick and losing more and more time off school. Sarah- Louise initially completed a very thorough assessment listening both to us as parents and to Ricky about the difficulties he had, the problems lack of support had brought him and what he wanted her to help with. She also looked through his assessments and made her own assessments of his abilities and levels etc. Sarah-Louise used a range of multi-sensory approaches to aide learning and understanding. Our son was very anxious about anything related to learning due to fear of failure. ​ Each week, when we have arrived there has been a different selection of books, games etc, computer programmes for him to use and she always has ideas for things to use at home. We have bought several products she has recommended to use at home. Two months after meeting Sarah-Louise, our eldest son, who was disabled and lived at home, died suddenly and unexpectedly, she has been the most tremendous support to all of us especially to our son whom she is tutoring as he was additionally vulnerable. When we had our son's diagnosis we were advised to apply for a EHCP we made a parental application and Sarah-Louise has supported us in this also resulting in a EHCP being issued and a change of school. Our experience of using Sarah-Louise to tutor our son has been an extremely positive one and we have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor, not only is she a excellent tutor in our experience but a very caring individual with a brilliant sense of humour. Our son has made improvements in his learning, is now much more confident, is enjoying learning again and really looks forward to his sessions."
"Sarah brings an amazing energy to each aspect of her teaching, she managed to captivate the attention of my five year old daughter and I could see real progress with her reading very quickly. I put this down to a combination of the right personality and enthusiasm for the job coupled with an admirable skill set and qualifications. My daughter is now making much better progress at her school and has improved confidence too. Thoroughly impressed!!"
"Sarah Louise contacted me after I put a post on a different facebook page and she rang me at home. I was given some really great advice for my son who has Hypermobility and possible Dyspraxia. I was so taken back that someone that I didn't know took time out of her busy day to talk to me I was so pleased that she did though. Thank you very much x"
"I had a lovely chat with Sarah - Louise following my sons diagnosis, she listened carefully to what I asked and said and offered me so great advice - that I'm slowly following through A lovely lady x"
"I couldn't recommend Sarah-Louise highly enough, she has been great supporting and teaching both of my children, my daughter with dyslexia and dyscalculia and my son with processing issues. She is funny and always happy, and my children really look forward to their lessons"
"I would definitely recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone looking for support for their child. She was a big help and support to me and my son when we were going through some hard times, I can’t thank her enough. Keep going Sarah-Louise, you make a big difference."
""After the first time of meeting Miss Jeffries, Sam came home announcing all the famous ‘greats’ who have dyslexia and from this he has recognised that he too can be ‘great’. Miss Jeffries encourages Sam and enables him to believe in himself. During the first year, he has grown in confidence with all his school work, especially reading, decoding of words and comprehension. Miss Jeffries sets challenges for him to achieve and Sam reminds me of work ‘we’ need to complete. Sam’s end of school exams and report reflect his increase in ability and knowledge. As a parent, Miss Jeffries has always involved me and been on hand to show me how to support Sam using various resources, and tips for learning. Miss Jeffries uses a communication diary each week which has been essential for identifying difficulties but also great successes. Sam has a detailed individual education plan which he is aware of and this is written in such a way that Sam is involved too. ""
"My son found out nearly 2 years ago he has dyspraxia and dyslexia, after years of underachieving academically, being told constantly he was disruptive in class, basically being put in the ‘failure’ box. He is now 17 years old and was put down a year at school due to this. He is currently revising for his GCSEs, which is incredibly challenging for someone in his situation. Without the support, knowledge and understanding of Sarah-Louise, he would be now looking at GCSE outcomes of U’s, G’s, F’s at a push! I am not joking. He is now attaining and expecting grades of C’s and possibly even B’s in 8 months of absolute focus, tears, tantrums and will power! Sarah is above and beyond exceptional! She has given him the tools and shown him a way of unlocking and using his brain that allows him to effectively work and revise. More than that she has given him tools for life! (Something that the education system failed to do!) He is now much more confident and secure in his abilities and for once in his life now believes he can succeed! And the results are showing this over and over again. There are no words and I will be never be able to express how grateful I am to Sarah… she has quite literally ‘saved him’. What he has gained from Sarah is priceless. She will always be one of the most influential people in his, and my life, for many years to come. All educators need a Sarah!!!"
"Sarah-Louise assessed my daughter for dyscalculia and her very thorough report formed part of the application for her EHCP. It enabled us to give a fuller picture of what our child’s challenges are. Her assessment revealed things that we weren’t aware of. There was no one else we knew of who was able to do this assessment for us so we were very grateful.”"
(Louise, Hampshire)