Support for Schools

Support for Schools

Effective and practical SEND training. The aim  is to promote a better understanding of Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Each school requires a slightly different package which will be tailored to the schools needs.  A range of training can be offered either during the day or as twilight sessions for all members of staff.

Examples of  training can include:

  • Understanding Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Whole Brain Spelling
  • Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Specific Maths Difficulties
  • Dyslexia-Friendly Classrooms
  • Multi-Sensory Teaching
  • Specific training for Teaching Assistants


Some of the areas of training for teaching assistants are listed below:

  • Alphabet awareness/arc/activities
  • Multi-sensory spelling strategies
  • Identification and response to comprehension difficulties
  • Detailed miscue analysis and running records for decoding errors


Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Why choose Dyslexia Support Consultancy?


"This lady really is amazing. I've just returned from an assessment with my 11-year-old son who is an anxious boy who gets easily stressed and frustrated at just the mention of the word test. So given this I felt nothing but guilt putting him through an assessment, but in my heart I knew it was the only way to find out what his education requirements were. To my amazement and to this lady’s credit my son was all smiles at the end. Which made me feel so much better and relieved having spent the duration of the assessment worrying how he was getting on. He is my second child to be assessed by Sarah-Louise, my daughter’s results were clear, concise and understandable with in-depth information regarding the results and recommendations to help my daughter both at school and at home. Sarah-Louise Jeffries comes with my children’s seal of approval. I most definitely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that asked."
Sandra (Surrey)
"Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well. Trying to do the best for your child and understand is daunting and Sarah made me feel so much better. Thank you."
Sharon (Hampshire)