Services Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Last updated: 4 April 2023

Author:   Sarah-Louise Jeffries


Booking a service

  • Our services include assessments and parent consultations. To book one of our services, we require you to provide personal data (including name, date of birth, address), complete all necessary questionnaires and supply other relevant reports where appropriate.
  • We require this information as it is a very important part of the assessment process and so that consultations can be as effective as possible. Any personal information will be available to the professional to allow them to carry out the service, and to essential members of the admin team.
  • Dyslexia Support Consultancy is committed to protecting personal information and using it responsibly.
  • On the basis of the information you provide, Dyslexia Support Consultancy will assign a suitably qualified professional to deliver the service you need. Dyslexia Support Consultancy reserves the right to change the professional assigned should they become unavailable for any reason.
  • It is important that you are aware that whilst an assessment may result in a diagnosis of dyslexia, we cannot guarantee that a diagnosis will always be given and especially in the case of young children (8 and under). However, as a result of the assessment, the assessor will be able to identify areas of strength and weakness and give specific recommendations based on the assessment to help with future teaching/learning.


Paying for a service

  • Once an assessment is booked, the client must pay the assessment fee in full before the assessment takes place.
  • Once a parent consultation is booked, the client must pay the total fee to secure the appointment.
  • Failure to do so will result in the session being cancelled.



Cancelling an assessment

  • If you need to cancel an assessment, please email
  • Notification between 48-24hrs before will incur a half fee. Less than 24hrs’ notice will be charged at full fee.
  • In the event that severe weather or any other emergency from DSC results in the cancellation of the assessment, Dyslexia Support Consultancy will endeavour to give clients a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and reschedule the assessment.


Cancelling a parent consultation

If you need to cancel a parent consultation, please call Dyslexia Support Consultancy (0781 8063634) as soon as possible and we will try to rearrange the session. Cancellation of a consultation should not be made by email. Dyslexia Support Consultancy will not give refunds for missed sessions. The professional will have reserved time in his/her timetable for the session.

If a professional has to cancel a session you will be offered an alternative time.


How we keep your information

Dyslexia Support Consultancy is committed to protecting personal information and using it responsibly. All personal information will be stored securely in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR) and in accordance with our Privacy Policy on the website

Our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Statement at outlines how we ensure the security and protection of the personal information we process and provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection.

During an assessment, it may be necessary for the assessor to make an audio recording of the individual’s responses to a particular test. This will allow the assessor to review responses when analysing the results.  The recording will be deleted as soon as the report is sent to you (within 3-4 weeks from the date of the assessment).


How long we keep your information

Assessment reports and any information regarding a parent consultation for individuals under age 16 is held until their 24th birthday. For anyone over the age of 16, we hold assessment reports for a period of up to six years.

After this time Dyslexia Support Consultancy will not be able to supply you with a copy of your assessment report. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of your report and password securely.

Once you have received a final assessment report all raw data test sheets will be permanently destroyed.



We are committed to protecting children and young people who receive Dyslexia Support Consultancy services. We also aim to ensure those children who attend Dyslexia Support Consultancy and any other children who may come to the attention of Dyslexia Support Consultancy receive the protection and support they need if they are at risk of abuse.

Our Safeguarding Policy at applies to anyone working at or on behalf of Dyslexia Support Consultancy.



If you have any complaints about your experience with Dyslexia Support Consultancy, or how we handle your personal data, please contact us so we can resolve the issue, where possible: