Dyslexia Assessment

There is a common assumption that many people make when it comes to Dyslexia. Some people believe that this learning difficulty is something which affects everyone in the same way, but this is simply not the case. This is why dyslexia assessments are important. No matter what age, gender or race you are, a dyslexic assessment can be conducted for anyone.



Assessment for Dyslexia

A full dyslexic assessment will help the individual, their parents and teachers understand their specific needs. It also means that the people around the dyslexic person will know how best to offer appropriate support and interventions when and if required.

How Dyslexia Assessments Helps

The full diagnostic report enables parents to make sure that the destination key stage or institution is adequately prepared to recognise and meet the child’s additional or special educational needs. It will also make recommendations for access arrangements at Key Stage 3 and 4.

It can help teachers and parents understand the progress and achievement, and what is appropriate to expect from the individual.


Children Dyslexia Assessment

Having a private assessment report ensures that your child is assessed quickly, which means they will get the specialist help, teaching and support they require sooner.

It often comes as a huge relief to both the parents and the child when they find out that they’re dyslexic. This means that both can begin to understand how they learn best. The journey begins with the step of having a diagnostic report.


About the Assessment

The assessment consists of three areas:

  1. Underlying Ability – this includes assessing for verbal visual and overall abilities.
  2. Attainment Testing – single word reading, reading speed, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, writing and maths calculations.
  3. Diagnostic Testing – phonological processing which includes, phonological recall, phonological awareness, phonological memory. Memory tests for short term, working and sequential memory.


What will happen in the assessment?

  • The assessment process will start with gathering background information from the child, their parents and the school. This is done through the use of a questionnaire.
  • The assessment will begin with an informal chat with the child to put them at ease. A series of tests will be carried out. These are designed to measure performance across a range of activities.


An Educational Assessment will include:

  • A review of educational and family history.
  • A comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities, literacy skills and underlying ability.
  • A detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommendations for coping strategies.
  • General recommendations for further assessment, help and support.
  • A report which will be written in a clear, jargon-free style so that it can be easily understood.


After the Assessment

  • You will receive a comprehensive report (between 20-30 pages) including recommendations on how to help your child.
  • It is advisable that these reports are given to the school who need to recognise them under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Adults undergoing assessment are entitled to reasonable adjustments in the workplace.


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This lady really is amazing.

"This lady really is amazing. I've just returned from an assessment with my 11-year-old son who is an anxious boy who gets easily stressed and frustrated at just the mention of the word test. So given this I felt nothing but guilt putting him through an assessment, but in my heart I knew it was the only way to find out what his education requirements were. To my amazement and to this lady’s credit my son was all smiles at the end. Which made me feel so much better and relieved having spent the duration of the assessment worrying how he was getting on. He is my second child to be assessed by Sarah-Louise, my daughter’s results were clear, concise and understandable with in-depth information regarding the results and recommendations to help my daughter both at school and at home. Sarah-Louise Jeffries comes with my children’s seal of approval. I most definitely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that asked."

Sandra (Surrey)

Sarah-Louise’s detailed recommendations were extremely valuable

"Sarah-Louise produced a very complete assessment report. The assessment covered his reading, spelling and writing levels as well as his underlying ability. Sarah-Louise also assessed his phonological processing and his short-term and working memory. All the information included in the report and Sarah-Louise’s detailed recommendations were extremely valuable when it was time to sit down with his teachers to re-evaluate where Charlie struggled and his provision map. With the report, we were able to make sure that he got extra help at school as well as at home. "

Solene (Surrey)

I had my two kids assessed for their dyslexia and all the process was smooth

"I had my two kids assessed for their dyslexia and all the process was smooth, I had people saying it would be stressful for my dyslexic kids to do it but it was very positive and helped them to learn more about themselves. I am very pleased with the results, the reports were long but very easy to understand, and the way all was done was excellent. I would recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone."

Paula (Surrey)

Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well

"Sarah was really supportive and explained everything really well. Trying to do the best for your child and understand is daunting and Sarah made me feel so much better. Thank you."

Sharon (Hampshire)

Highly recommend Dyslexia Support Consultancy.

"Highly recommend Dyslexia Support Consultancy. Very professional service and very friendly. My daughter felt at ease and comfortable during the assessment. The final report was very thorough and detailed."

Felicity (Camberley)

Just wanted to give a shout out to Sarah-Louise Jeffries.

"Just wanted to give a shout out to Sarah-Louise Jeffries. I'm starting on the EHCP journey with Harry and she called me yesterday. We had a lovely long chat and she was full of inspirational advice and I can see that she will be an amazing support through this process. Got Harry's assessment booked with her early June and can’t wait to see the outcome. She also gave me some really good advice with regard to my daughter and so now I'm thinking about the next steps for her. Thank you Sarah-Louise "

Sharon (East Sussex)

I found her to be very approachable

"Having contacted Sarah-Louise to enquire about screening my daughter for dyslexia I found her to be very approachable, knowledgeable and extremely informative and thorough prior to even meeting my daughter. On the day of my daughter’s assessment both myself and my daughter were naturally nervous and apprehensive, she put us both at ease and made the screening a stressless experience for my daughter. Which was by far the most important thing for me. I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone who needs a screening for their child."

Sandra (Surrey)

She made him feel relaxed straight away

"I took my son to see Sarah-Louise in early March. He was a little bit nervous about doing the assessment, but she made him feel relaxed straight away. The report she provided was very in-depth & was received approximately 3 weeks after the assessment. It can be hard to take in all of the information provided, but Sarah-Louise was happy to go through the report over the phone & clarify any queries I had. I would recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone looking to get their child assessed."

Sue (Portsmouth)

Sarah-Louise was very easy to contact

"I contacted Sarah-Louise because my son had scored at extreme risk of dyslexia on his school screening so I wanted to know for definite if he was or not! Sarah-Louise was very easy to contact, friendly and helpful from the first email through to finally meeting her on the morning of the assessment. My son was instantly at ease with her and more than happy to stay and 'play' for a while. "

Laura (East Sussex)

Sarah has been very accommodating from the start

"Sarah has been very accommodating from the start and was brilliant with Harry, making him feel comfortable and at ease from the moment he walked through the door and ended with a big smile on his face. What followed was a very comprehensive report, which has been extremely useful when talking to his current and new school, and some very helpful advice and pointers to find further help and make use of online tools and apps. Thanks Sarah"

Rob (Farnham)

Her assessment revealed things that we weren’t aware of

"Sarah-Louise assessed my daughter for dyscalculia and her very thorough report formed part of the application for her EHCP. It enabled us to give a fuller picture of what our child’s challenges are. Her assessment revealed things that we weren’t aware of. There was no one else we knew of who was able to do this assessment for us so we were very grateful."

Louise (Hampshire)