Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) exists with or without hyperactivity. In most cases people with this disorder are often ‘off task’, have particular difficulty commencing and switching tasks, together with a very short attention span and high levels of distractibility. They may fail to make effective use of the feedback they receive and have weak listening skills. Those with hyperactivity may act impulsively and erratically, have difficulty foreseeing outcomes, fail to plan ahead and be noticeably restless and fidgety. Those without the hyperactive trait tend to daydream excessively, lose track of what they are doing and fail to engage in their studies unless they are highly motivated. The behaviour of people with ADD can be inappropriate and unpredictable; this, together with the characteristics common to many SpLDs, can present a further barrier to learning. The initial diagnostic assessment of ADD would be carried out by a medical professional.

Children and adults may find difficulties with the following (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

  • Feeling as though they are being driven by a motor.
  • Cannot easily ‘switch off’.
  • Like to do many projects at one time.
  • Find it hard to stay focussed on less interesting projects.
  • Interrupting others when speaking.
  • Easily distracted by noise and/or movement.
Sara DaviesSara Davies
14:56 01 Jul 24
I had a really positive experience booking an assessment for my son. The appt was within 2 weeks and it was no problem moving it after we had an issue with the date. The actual assessment was done online by Eleanor, who quickly put my son at ease and made things easy for him to understand. The final report came within 7 days which was impressive. It was a comprehensive and detailed assessment with numerous explanations and specific recommendations to help him and us going forward. Sarah made all the admin so easy to complete.Thank you
Sarah OreillySarah Oreilly
08:00 11 Jun 24
Would highly recommend. Such a great company. And the school have highly rated the report. So am very pleased with everything. From the start of the process to the end.The examiner was lovely and had such a kind nature which put my daughter at ease straight away.Thank you.
Monica MartinMonica Martin
10:03 06 Jun 24
My boy was recently assessed by Sarah and Eleanor. They were both fantastic with him. Very patient and made him comfortable throughout the assessment. We asked for the report to be completed quickly as we had short timescales and Sarah has prioritised it. Thank you again for all the support!
Finlay BrodieFinlay Brodie
10:30 22 May 24
The on-line assessment and subsequent detailed report has been invaluable in helping secure appropriate support for my son. It has also been a real educator in terms of understanding the specific areas that my son finds challenging and in identifying solutions to support his education. Sarah was really professional and helpful and I am happy to recommend.
Victoria LongVictoria Long
05:33 01 May 24
My son’s experience with Sarah during the assessment was positive for him. The delivery of feedback and opinion to both my son and I could be improved along with the overall aftermath and factual accuracy of the final report produced.
Lorraine ReidLorraine Reid
10:57 18 Apr 24
Sarah was amazing with the process of diagnosing my daughter. She gave us amazing pre care and advise as well as fantastic after care. Her dedication was just phenomenal. I would highly recommend her and her business to others needed advise and help.
Kelly MylesKelly Myles
19:32 15 Apr 24
Sarah has diagnosed both my children with dyslexia and provided clear reports. She has also been a fantastic dyslexia tutor providing 1-1 support for our daughter. Highly recommended.
Tracy CarrollTracy Carroll
09:39 05 Mar 24
Sarah Jeffries is an EXCELLENT assessor who leaves no stone unturned when assessing. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Sarah.
Julia SmythJulia Smyth
19:54 29 Jan 24
I am happy to say that we were delighted by your assessment of our son (8 yr). He was nervous about what to expect but you made him feel at ease quickly and he felt comfortable and confident in carrying out the assessment with you.The report was clear and concise and has helped school adapt his learning to suit his needs.Thank you for your help.
Richard HilllRichard Hilll
21:34 23 Jan 24
My son recently had an assessment with Sarah. She was so calm and kind she put him at ease straight away. He was feeling a bit anxious on the way there. She showed us around and explained to him what was going to happen. The assessment was very thorough. Almost 3 hours and he happily went back to finish after his break. I recieved my report in just over a week which is very detailed and explains which areas are most difficult for him and the best support for him moving forward both in an outside of school. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a private assessment.
Mike TrottMike Trott
11:08 15 Jan 24
If you are looking for an informative and comprehensive educational assessment for your child, then this is the place.We knew exactly what to expect when we arrived for the assessment and my little boy warmed to Eleanor immediately. She kept the assessment fun and seemed to really care about getting the best out of him. We received the report fairly quickly and it was clear to understand. I liked that it included some recommendations for how we can help at home as well as at school. All in all a great professional service - I would highly recommend.
Kristel AyngeKristel Aynge
10:25 05 Jan 24
The best money I have EVER spent was for my daughter's dyslexia assessment! It was a 3-4 hour assessment just before Christmas. My daughter said she felt very at ease with the whole thing and the lady was lovely. Already I have just received a 30 page in-depth report on how the assessment itself went, a diagnosis, the recommendations for school and at home. My only regret is that we didn't get this done sooner. Thank you so much.
Hayley CarterHayley Carter
21:42 04 Jan 24
Sarah is professional but relaxed and made both our children (who were assessed three years apart) feel comfortable while completing their assessments. The reports are very informative and comprehensive and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an educational assessment for their child.
Wolf AjWolf Aj
20:42 02 Jan 24
16:58 23 Dec 23
Thank you to Sarah for her extremely informative report after the assessment it was very useful and helpful for the future. Recently had an assessment and has helped with reccomendation to help me do the best I can at university.
Lisa RichardsonLisa Richardson
09:18 28 Nov 23
Sarah and Eleanor from Dyslexia Support Consultancy have both been excellent. Sarah has given us a lot of advice which has been extremely valuable. Eleanor made my son feel very at ease with the assessment and he warmed to her straight away, We received our report back very quickly (within two weeks) and the report was very detailed, accurate and useful. We feel that this will make a big difference for our son and the help he receives. Can't thank Sarah and Eleanor enough really.
Elly ColombElly Colomb
22:39 27 Nov 23
Thank you Sarah Louise. The recent assessment you completed with my son was comprehensive. I appreciated the time you spent discussing my concerns prior to the appointment and my son was relaxed and at ease on the day. Your very thorough report is a really useful breakdown of strengths and areas of need
Abigail YoungAbigail Young
10:18 25 Nov 23
Sarah was fantastic from start to finish. She made my daughter feel at ease on the day and explained everything clearly to me. I would highly recommend.
Paula LindfieldPaula Lindfield
22:13 23 Nov 23
My daughter had her assessment done through the dyslexia support consultancy in September and they were excellent. Sarah explained and arranged everything. Sue did the assement and she made my daughter comfortable, and was kind to her when she struggled, very professional and had clearly done this process many many times. It was stress free, and seamless. I cannot recommend this service enough, since we've had iris diagnosis, she is finally getting the support she needs at school, and an EHCP is well on its way to being completed. Thank you Sarah and sue x
Jaylynne WaterhouseJaylynne Waterhouse
17:50 23 Nov 23
Amazing commuoccasion and my daughter was put at ease from the start of the assessment
Such a fabulous service which is so valuable for our dyslexia journey with our daughter. Sarah was very patient with our anxious daughter and managed to achieve great results. The report we received was in depth, informative and really helpful. It provided lots of support suggestions along with tips to help support our daughter.Thank you so much! Highly recommended!
Tina MacnaughtonTina Macnaughton
10:18 23 Nov 23
Sarah was wonderfully informative and kind, my daughter liked her immediately. Sarah's has a an amazing ability to put children at ease so much so that a dyslexia test was fun for her. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and many connections for further support that she put us in touch with. I really could not recommend her highly enough!
Felicity MorroghFelicity Morrogh
08:33 23 Nov 23
Jess MJess M
21:42 22 Nov 23
Mandy LanningMandy Lanning
19:40 22 Nov 23
An all round outstanding experience. My 14 year old son was tested by Eleanor and she was extremely thorough. I highly recommend
18:06 22 Nov 23
I thought this would be a very stressful experience for both myself and my son. The assesor was very friendly and put myself and my son at ease staright away. She explained what was going to happen and was very clear in her instructions. She made the experience much better than I imagined it would be.I would highly recommend this company to carry out a dyslexia assessment. Thnak you for such an excellent service.
Heather RichardsHeather Richards
17:40 22 Nov 23
Emma ComptonEmma Compton
16:34 22 Nov 23
I was told about this company from a friend and they were amazing to deal with. They were friendly and explained the process clearly which helped my child feel relaxed during the assessment
Eilidh GordonEilidh Gordon
16:20 25 Oct 21
I greatly appreciated the time Sarah took to talk with me over the phone, building up a picture of my concerns and what my son was finding difficult in his learning. She reassured me that I was right in seeking further assessment to identify his needs and how best to support him.She was also great at establishing a rapport with him and helping to put him at ease before beginning his assessment.
Helen ThomsonHelen Thomson
08:50 22 Sep 21
I cannot recommend Sarah Louise Jeffries of Dyslexia Support Consultancy highly enough. She put my son completely at ease for his assessment and made the time go very quickly. The report we received was so comprehensive and has enabled the school and ourselves to get our son the support he requires. Thank you so much.
Hannah EnglefieldHannah Englefield
09:26 10 Sep 21
Brilliant service - very friendly and informative about the whole process which helped put my mind at ease. Assessment carried out in a supportive and safe way and report incredibly informative. Thank you very much.
Jade ArmstrongJade Armstrong
05:48 22 Jul 21
Sarah was very quick with responding and her waiting list was nice short. We met during covid but she had everything in place to keep herself and my daughter safe.She made my 10year old feel at ease before taking her of for her assessment. My daughter was happy after her assesment. The written report was sent out quickly and it was very detailed. Thank you!
Michelle ToomeyMichelle Toomey
09:45 20 Jul 21
We met with Sarah to discuss our 7 year old daughters learning needs. From start to finish the assessment process was brilliant. Sarah made our daughter feel at ease immediately and was professional yet personable. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time with Sarah and was even sad when the assessment had to come to an end. The reports we have received are in such brilliant detail and include so many practical ways that we as a family and the school will be able to support our daughter with her learning needs. The school have also commented on how detailed and helpful the reports are. We are so pleased that we found Sarah and have no hesitation in recommending the services she provides. Thank you Sarah!
Liane GreenLiane Green
08:43 23 Apr 21
We asked Sarah to carry out a review of our son's dyslexic needs as he makes the move to senior school. His previous report was four years ago when he was barely reading and he has made significant progress since then but still faces many learning challenges. Sarah's assessment was very thorough and she provide a very detailed report which gave a lot more clarity on where his strengths and weaknesses lie, and will be an important piece of evidence for his EHCP application. We are very grateful for her assistance.
Andrea DunneAndrea Dunne
10:20 25 Mar 21
It was such a pleasure meeting Sarah-Louise recently for our little girls assessment. The whole process from our initial telephone call, the assessment and the report was fantastic. Sarah-Louise puts you at ease and makes the experience easy. From making the appointment to receiving the final report was so quick and effortless. The report we received is amazing and so detailed. It contains everything needed to help us understand our little girls struggles and the reccomendations made will massively help us get the support our little girl so desperately needs and deserves. Thanks to Sarah-Louise for all of your help and support xxx